Live Workshops via Zoom with Rosalyn - Late Summer/Autumn  2021

Evening Guided Meditation & Distant Healing Monday 13th September 7pm to 8.15pm £12

Following a brief introduction to meditation and healing, relax and unwind with a soothing Guided Meditation taking you on a journey to discover inner peace and tranquility.  In these stressful and uncertain times it is important for us to stay connected with our inner strength.  Boost your sense of centre and tap into your power house to rejuvenate and recharge in order to sustain your sense of self worth, confidence and motivation.   Accompanied by gentle music, you will safely be taken into your journey of self discovery and inner guidance.   This is an opportunity to connect with your guardian angels and spirit guides or just enjoy this peaceful experience and time for yourself.  The session will include distant healing  esepcially for you.

Introduction to Tai Chi coming soon 

This 2 hour interactive workshop will provide you with the information to develop a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind this Ancient Chinese Martial art,  Explore the Yin and Yang energies through  exercises and how they work together to create balance and equilibrium.  Understand how they are incorporated into every day practice of Tai Chi.  Enjoy a practical introduction to Section 1 of the Wudang  Short Form. Suitable for beginners and those who wish to refresh their Tai Chi Chuan practice.  This workshop offers a chance to experience a taste of Tai Chi practice for the first time as well as experiencing a sense of grounding,  tranquility and inner peace.