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Paws for Healing

Paws for healing offers healing for your animal as a complement to veterinary care or as a means of balancing your animal's energy centres bringing harmony to the mind and body.    All animals can benefit from healing regardless of age and health.  Healthy pets can enjoy a calming and balancing sessions whilst healing can be helpful for many physical, emotional and behavioural concerns for more troubled pets.  

Rosalyn is a Graduate of the Healing Animal Organisation Animal Healing Diploma and of the Certificate in Animal Food Natural Remedies trained by the internationally recognised Animal Healer and author, Elizabeth Whiter.  Rosalyn has helped animal shelters and rescue centres in providing healing for many animals in the UK and abroad whilst they await their new forever home.

If you would like a consultation and healing session for your pet please call or email Rosalyn to arrange a suitable time or call for a chat if you would like more information on how animal healing can help your pet.   Home Consultation includes discussion of your animal's health and environmental history, the opportunity for your pet to self select from a range of natural food remedies in the form of macerated oils and a calming healing session.  Consultations are followed up with a written summary of recommendations for your animal and provision of chosen macerated oils if required together with guidance on how to offer these oils.  Further healing and/or distant healing sessions will be offered as appropriate.  

As Rosalyn is an attuned Reiki Practionner and qualified to heal humans, healing may also be offered to you, as your pet's carer and guardian.  This is sometimes offered as part of the overall holistic care of your pet as the well-being of a pet's entire family is key to their good physical and emotional health.   Many of our concerns and worries as carers for our animals can reflect on our companions and sometimes both animal and guardian can benefit from receiving healing together.  

A loss of a pet can be a very difficult and emotional time for you as a guardian as you say goodbye to an important and  much loved member of your family.  Rosalyn can offer bereavement healing and supportive help for you. 

Consultations are suitable for all small animals including reptiles and birds and home visits are made within Surrey and surrounding counties.

Paws for Healing can offer;

  • Full consultations including hands on healing session
  • Healing as a complement to veterinary care for poorly pets
  • Healing to assist in addressing behavioural concerns
  • Healing to help a new pet settle in to their new home and family
  • Healing for rescued and re-homed pets
  • Balancing of energy centres for healthy pets
  • Guidance for a healthy diet for your pet
  • Distant healing
  • Animal Communication
  • Support and healing during your pet's last days
  • Farewell words of support as your pet passes over to the Spirit World.


To book a Consultation or support session call Rosalyn or email




Animal Healing Consultation

35 including offering of a selection of macerated oils for your pet and healing.  Discounts available for seniors and locations within 5 mile radius, please ask for details


Above including comprehensive written report following consultation 40


Useful Links

For more information on the Healing Animals Organisation please visit Healing Animals Organisation

If your pet has recently passed over please visit  Rainbow Bridge

Twinkle Trust Animal Aid    Helping feral, homeless and poorly cats in Fuerteventura.  If you are holidaying in Fuerteventura, you can help Twinkle by providing food, bedding or toys for Twinkle cats.

UK Missing Pets Register

The UK Missing Pet Register provides a range of services for pet owners who can search our comprehensive UK missing pets and lost pets register database    Rosalyn Cunnane is a Member of the Register Of Exercise Professionals, Tai Chi Union of Great Britain & The British Council for Chinese Martial Arts
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